[Linux] 安裝使用 Webalizer

系統:CentOS 4.4 搜尋 Webalizer

[root@NAS][~][17:52:51]# yum search webalizer Searching Packages: Setting up repositories Reading repository metadata in from local files webalizer.x86_64 2.01_10-25 base Matched from: webalizer The Webalizer is a Web server log analysis program. It is designed to scan Web server log files in various formats and produce usage statistics in HTML format for viewing through a browser. It produces professional looking graphs which make analyzing when and where your Web traffic is coming from easy. http://www.mrunix.net/webalizer/ 設定檔放在 /etc/webalizer.conf 我的設定如下

LogFile /var/log/httpd/access_log OutputDir /var/www/html/webalizer HistoryName /var/lib/webalizer/webalizer.hist Incremental yes IncrementalName /var/lib/webalizer/webalizer.current HostName NAS.th.gov.tw PageType htm* PageType cgi PageType php PageType shtml DNSCache /var/lib/webalizer/dns_cache.db DNSChildren 10 Quiet yes FoldSeqErr yes HideURL *.gif HideURL *.GIF HideURL *.jpg HideURL *.JPG HideURL *.png HideURL *.PNG HideURL *.ra SearchEngine yahoo.com p= SearchEngine altavista.com q= SearchEngine google.com q= SearchEngine eureka.com q= SearchEngine lycos.com query= SearchEngine hotbot.com MT= SearchEngine msn.com MT= SearchEngine infoseek.com qt= SearchEngine webcrawler searchText= SearchEngine excite search= SearchEngine netscape.com search= SearchEngine mamma.com query= SearchEngine alltheweb.com query= SearchEngine northernlight.com qr=

apache 設定安全目錄

<Directory “/var/www/html/webalizer”> Options None AllowOverride None Order deny,allow Allow from 新增資料夾

mkdir /var/www/html/webalizer 然後請執行

/usr/bin/webalizer -c /etc/webalizer.conf 如果沒有顯示什麼訊息 表示成功了 設定crontab ..讓它每二小時跑一次:

# #run apache log # 00 */2 * * * root /usr/bin/webalizer -c /etc/webalizer.confWebalizer 如何觀看 Webalizer http://forum.webdsn.net/showthread.php?p=1221