[FreeBSD] Smokeping 安裝 架設

昨天看到 sayya 的 firedragen 個人版,看到 smokeping 的一些圖片,還蠻帥的,就想到要架設來玩看看 安裝方式如下:

[FreeBSD][root][ ~ ]# cd /usr/ports/net/smokeping/ 進去之後

make install clean 然後底下是安裝好之後的訊息

NOTE: A set of sample configuration files have been installed: /usr/local/etc/smokeping/config /usr/local/etc/smokeping/smokemail /usr/local/etc/smokeping/basepage.html /usr/local/etc/smokeping/tmail You *MUST* edit these to suit your requirements. Please read the manpages ‘smokeping_install’ and ‘smokeping_config’ for further details on installation and configuration. If you are upgrading from a previous version of Smokeping, the manpage ‘smokeping_upgrade’ may be of help. Once configured, you can start SmokePing by adding: smokeping_enable=”YES” to /etc/rc.conf, and then running, as root: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/smokeping start To enable Apache web access, add the following to your /usr/local/etc/apache/httpd.conf: ScriptAlias /smokeping.cgi /usr/local/smokeping/htdocs/smokeping.cgi Alias /smokeimg/ /usr/local/smokeping/htdocs/img/ 上面就是寫:請在 /etc/rc.conf 加入 smokeping_enable=”YES” 然後編輯 /usr/local/etc/apache/httpd.conf 在最後面加上 ScriptAlias /smokeping.cgi /usr/local/smokeping/htdocs/smokeping.cgi Alias /smokeimg/ /usr/local/smokeping/htdocs/img/ 修改 根目錄底下權限 Options Indexes FollowSymLinks ExecCGI 然後底下這段原本mark,請把他取消 AddHandler cgi-script .cgi 然後最後加上 Options Indexes FollowSymLinks ExecCGI AllowOverride Limit Order Deny,Allow Deny from all Allow from 192.168 底下附上設定檔,DarkKiller 在 firedragen 版 的連結,不過連結已經失效,好顯自己有存檔 http://blog.wu-boy.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/smokeping.txt 最後 NCTU NetFlow’s somkeping demo: http://netflow.ntcu.net/smokeping/smokeping.cgi?target=Album