Backbone.js Model and Collection Tregger Event


Backbone.js Event 的介紹,最近開發專案遇到一個奇怪問題,就是只要我重複呼叫 backbone.model.fetch(),如果資料相同的話,就不會重新 trigger render() 畫面,但是專案架構是以 Backbone.js MVC 下去開發,這樣畫面就會卡在 init 狀態,無法將畫面顯示出來。先來探討 Backbone.js Model 跟 Collection 預設的事件。

Catalog of Events 參考

此連結可以看到所有的 Events

"add" (model, collection) — when a model is added to a collection.
"remove" (model, collection) — when a model is removed from a collection.
"reset" (collection) — when the collection's entire contents have been replaced.
"change" (model, options) — when a model's attributes have changed.
"change:[attribute]" (model, value, options) — when a specific attribute has been updated.
"destroy" (model, collection) — when a model is destroyed.
"sync" (model, collection) — triggers whenever a model has been successfully synced to the server.
"error" (model, collection) — when a model's validation fails, or a save call fails on the server.
"route:[name]" (router) — when one of a router's routes has matched.
"all" — this special event fires for any triggered event, passing the event name as the first argument.
在 bind event 時候,切記盡量不要 bind 在 all 上面,這樣畫面會被 render 好幾次,雖然肉眼看不出來,但是 render 就是跑了好幾次,Model 就綁定 change 事件即可,如果是 Collection 可以綁定 reset 事件,讓 fetch 完後可以重新顯示畫面,比較不同的是 Collection 不會去比較前一次跟這一次資料是否相同來決定是否 trigger 事件,只要重新取得資料就會 trigger reset 事件。如果是 Model 的話,就利用

hasChanged() 來判斷是否 trigger change 事件。

if (!this.view_group) {
    this.view_group = new View({
        template_name: 'group_edit',
        el: '#main',
        model: this.group_model
} else {
    // trigger change event if model is not changed
    if (!this.group_model.hasChanged()) {
} = id;
程式碼大致上如上,第一次 initial 不需要判斷 hasChanged(),因為 fetch 資料後肯定會跑 render()。如果有寫錯的地方,請多多指教。

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